Even the most reliable equipment can fall prone to the occasional paper jam or breakdown.

Check out our top tips to help you prevent common photocopier and multifunction printer issues and save yourself from having to call out an engineer.

  1. Avoid paper jams by ‘fanning’ paper before loading the tray.  This helps to separate any pages that are stuck together and prevents paper jams caused by multiple pages being picked up by your photocopier or multifunction printer
  2. Damp paper is a common cause of paper jams, so always leave paper in its wrapper until you need to load it into your photocopier or multifunction printer.  This will help to prevent it from becoming damp and help to reduce the number of paper jams you experience.
  3. In the event of a paper jam, always follow on-the screen instructions exactly and step-by-step to ensure you have completely cleared the jam.  For Ricoh photocopiers and multifunction printers you should always start the process on the right-hand side of the machine.
  4. Toner is a powder and can become compacted in transit.  Always shake a new toner cartridge before putting it into your photocopier or multifunction printer to loosen the powder.
  5. Never shake a used or part-used toner cartridge! Your colleagues won’t thank you for covering them and your office in fine powder if you do...
  6. Use good quality paper in your photocopier or multifunction printer as this will improve all round print quality and performance.  Good quality paper will also usually come with a small arrow on the pack, which is an indication for the correct way to load your paper for best results.
  7. Never remove staples from documents when standing next to or over your photocopier or multifunction printer.  This will prevent them from falling into the equipment and causing damage or breakdown.
  8. Always check that there are no staples on your document before loading it into the document feeder when making copies to avoid damaging your photocopier or multifunction printer.
  9. When photocopying a document which has been signed, always wait for the ink to dry before placing it onto the glass or into the document feeder as it can cause marks and lines to appear on copied documents.
  10. Don’t try to fix a problem on your photocopier or multifunction printer if you don’t really understand what you’re doing.  Call a trained engineer to fix the issue and avoid making the problem worse or causing costly damage.

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