Training and Implementation

You will only reap all the rewards of installing new photocopiers and multifunction printers if your people know how to use them properly and understand the key components of your print management strategy.

If you’re considering new equipment as part of a Managed Print Solution you will want to take full advantage of the benefits offered by that print solution.  Greater productivity and efficiency of your staff, improved cost control and document security, reduced environmental impact etc.

When you take a Managed Print Solution from Neon Digital, we can help to train and educate your teams to ensure they’re using the new equipment properly.  Our installation team and service engineers are able to provide training to groups of power users, enabling them to fully understand the functionality of the new photocopiers and multifunction printers and ensuring that your business enjoys the benefits of a well implemented print management system.

We have repeatedly found that users of photocopiers and multifunctional printers do not give a great deal of thought to their printing behaviour.  But once they understand the environmental impact, wastage, high printing costs and lack of document security they are far more accepting of the new technology and any restrictions or changes you make as part of your Managed Print Solution.

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'We were having a number problems with our existing photocopier devices. Neon Digital offered us professional advice and after meeting with our staff and IT department they recommended a solution that is much more reliable with improved quality'